Unos Finance will champion decentralization and give power back to the people by allowing them to make future-oriented investments for financial freedom

Unos Finance will become the leading financial technology offering a brighter future through the generation of trust and cooperation with the users for long term prosperity.In line with this mission and vision, the Unos Finance platform is established on these key tenets that make it the most attractive DeFi protocol. 

Benefits and Features of

Unos Finance has many features which make it an attractive DeFi protocol, below is a list of why it is poised to be one of the next big players in the DeFi space.

  • Unos Finance underlying infrastructure supports the provision of multiple pools and staking options for any user in a decentralized manner. The platform features an appealing interface that is easy to use with detailed instructions.
  • Unos Finance employs multiple layers of security features that safeguard its users’ funds and shields the platform from external attacks. This not only promotes security but also enhances transparency which is critical in the DeFi ecosystem.
  • Unos Finance has developed an ingenious blockchain-based voting mechanism that supports the diverse choices of its decentralized user base. This system eases governance on the protocol with costless public voting.
  • Unos Finance is dedicated to upholding the true spirit of decentralization that in turn guarantees trustless transactions that are key in the DeFi space. The Unos Finance smart contracts are fully audited and verified to eliminate any doubts about potential exploits or mishandling of users’ funds.

Mention the Unoswap and the UNOS token

  • Unoswap is the native swapping platform. It enables users to earn fees by providing liquidity and swapping tokens with lower fees than other platforms under audited smart contracts. 
  • Unoswap serves as another option that investors can pursue to earn additional passive income on Unos Finance.

Staking capabilities for users: 

  • Investors can earn interest by staking various cryptocurrencies with 0.27% per day, 8.33% per month, 100% APY. 
  • This is a simple yet profitable means of earning passive income as compared to keeping your money in fiat or in idle cryptocurrencies.
  • Stake Entry fee 0.5% (used for buyback and burn) Unstake fee 1.0% (used for buyback and burn) Minimum stake let lock 24 hours.
  • Staking process (make an example): An investor stake 100 tokens in the platform, Upon staking the tokens the protocol will deduct 0.5% from the initial 100 tokens thus leaving a balance is a stake for a month period, the user will then earn 8.79 tokens on their stake. If the investor decides to unstake after the 1 month period, the system will then detect the 1% unstaking fee from the original 99 tokens. This will provide a net return (after fees) of 7.74 tokens

Mention the farming facilities:

  • Users earn fees by providing liquidity on Uniswap and then staking those Uniswap tokens to earn farming tokens on Unos Finance. 
  • Investors are open to using their earned fees and harvested earnings to buy back the UNOS tokens effectively raising the buying pressure which serves to stabilize its price.

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